The Food

Palmer’s Village Cafe puts a unique twist on your comfort food favorites. For example, we have a nearly famous version of Eggs Benedict we fondly call ‘The Southern‘. It is two -poached eggs, collards, ham served on an open faced biscuit with homemade ‘pot-licker’ gravy. All of our sauces, dressings and even the croutons are homemade and the sausage and warm maple syrup are both seasoned in house. Some other favorites you’ll find at Palmer’s is the Mary’s Chicken Salad which is a surprise to the taste buds by having ricotta cheese and sun dried tomatoes in the mix. We are told hands down…we have the
best Reuben Sandwich anywhere.

One Response to The Food

  1. Allan & Jean Davis says:

    Palmer’s welcome is great! The friendly and super-efficient staff make this the best place on St Simons to start the day. The food is both basic breakfast and something imaginative each day. We ate breakfast almost every day for three months, so we know what we are talking about.

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